About Us

I (Dan Rollingson) and my wife Steph have been in the vermiculture business for 3 years. People always ask me what vermiculture is. It’s basically the raising of worms to sell for their manure. I first heard about vermiculture through my dad who was selling 50,000 pounds of manure down to Oregon from Kelowna. This got me looking into it a little bit. I found lots of good information and found it quite interesting. I thought it would be a good business to get into. I like that my business gives me the chance to offer people an alternative to chemical fertilizer. Shortly after I started my research I watched a Nature of Things documentary on Cuba, called a growing revolution. In the documentary they talked about vermiculture and how the Cuban people were able to sustain themselves during a food shortage without using any chemicals at all. Today they are one of the largest organic growers in the world. They were using worms to get rid of their organic waste and then harvesting the manure for fertilizer. I found this very fascinating and after a few years of research ordered my first 8,000 worms.

Three years later we have around 30, 000 worms and counting; we are producing a premium worm casting and are enjoying educating people about the benefits of earthworm castings. We have also expanded and are selling a top quality soil as well as worm composters. Surprisingly there is never a dull moment on a worm farm and we are proud to consistently provide our customers with a quality all natural “super” soil enhancer. We LOVE talking to people about what we do and what our products can do for them so please contact us by phone or e-mail with ANY questions you may have.