Frequently Asked Questions

What is vermiculture?

Vermiculture is the raising of earthworms for the production of earthworm castings.

What are earthworm castings?

Earthworm castings are the manure (excretion) of earthworms. They are completely odorless and packed full of nutrients for plants and microorganisms.

What are the benefits of using earthworm castings?

    Earthworm Castings:
  1. Enhance plant growth and vibrancy
  2. Act as a natural fertilizer or plant food
  3. Slow release essential nutrients into the soil
  4. Strengthen plant roots
  5. Aid in moisture retention and aeration
  6. Odorless and Non Toxic
  7. Safe to use on all indoor and outdoor plants

What can I use earthworm castings on?

They can be used on any outdoor and indoor plants. Castings can be worked into the soil anytime you plant. Don’t worry you can never use too many castings. They won’t ever burn your lawn or plants like chemical fertilizers may. After initially mixing castings into your soil try applying casting tea once a week for optimal growth and vibrancy. You will see the difference!